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Unleash Your Inner Sophistication:

The Polished Noblewoman: Elegance class



Unleash your inner polished lady and effortlessly embody elegance, grace, and social acceptance with my most sought-after experience.

Handout Notes

You will be granted permanent access to a virtual locker that will store all four modules and workbooks for your convenience."

4 live classes

We will have 4 live classes ,to take you through the 4 modules and answer all the questions you might have .

With one bonus make up class if you happen to miss a session .+ a graduation class with high tea event 


"Daily assignments are designed to provide you with the necessary accountability to effectively absorb and apply the content of each module."


On Graduation day, we will focus on practicing social grace, feminine gait, posture, small talk skills, high tea etiquette, and providing a networking opportunity for all attendees. Those who complete the program will receive a certificate of participation as well.

This program is for you if ...

  • You are a woman who dreams of exuding grace, class, and elegance in every aspect of your life.

  • Who longs to embrace decency, enhance your manners, and radiate an irresistible likability that leaves a lasting impact on others. 

 Look no further!

The Polished Noblewoman: Elegance in Bundles Course is here to transform you into the sophisticated and captivating woman you've always aspired to be.

🎉 Expected Immediate Results 

By the end of the Polished Lady Course, you can expect to:

✅ Radiate confidence and sophistication in every aspect of your life.

✅ Possess impeccable manners and social etiquette, making you stand out in any crowd.

✅ Embrace decency and integrity in your behavior, gaining the respect and admiration of others.

✅ Effortlessly charm and connect with people, creating lasting relationships both personally and professionally.

✅ Transform your personal style to reflect your newfound elegance and refine your grooming routine for a polished look.

Course features

Image by Mukuko Studio

Rave reviews from October_2022 cohort

And after 4 weeks together,you will be able to : 

Have a clear understanding of anything that has been holding you back and how you can actively overcome those internal  barriers and build an outstanding image.

You will no longer fear hosting or attending Social events because you will dispose the appropriate skills to help you stand out and camouflage fear. 

You will be able to duel more in your sensual grounds and increase your feminine flux.

You will be able to dress decently, flattering your body type in colours that elevate your silhouette. 

The investment cost..


Who is that girl ?

Coach Alice Muhirwa h| Executive Coach, 

is a certifiedImage & Etiquette trainer

accredited by the British School of Excellence.

With her coaching and styling services, she has successfully impacted over 100 executives and businesswomen from Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, UK, and Canada.

Coach Alice is renowned for seamlessly incorporating femininity in executive boardrooms and style. Since 2021, she has been passionately dedicated to helping busy and ambitious executives refine their image, presence, and people skills. Alongside her transformative coaching career, Coach Alice also holds a background as an econometrist. As a trusted analyst and advisor, this expertise has allowed her to provide valuable analysis and advisory services to governments, NGOs, and private businesses.

I can't wait to host you too

In this course 

and see yourself as sophisticated as you have ever desired!

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