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Elegance in Bundles Course


Hello, beautiful ladies!

Ever found yourself in awe of a woman effortlessly exuding grace, leaving an indelible mark wherever she goes? If your answer is a resounding "Yes!", then you've landed in the perfect spot. I'm Coach Alice, and I'm thrilled to guide you on a transformative journey to unleash your inner polished lady with The Polished Noblewoman: Elegance in Bundles Course.

This course is designed for ladies like you:

This course is tailor-made for dreamers like you – women envisioning embodying grace, class, and elegance in every facet of life. If you long to enhance your manners, radiate irresistible likability, and leave a lasting impact on others, consider this your golden ticket.

Immediate Transformation Awaits:

By the end of our journey together, get ready to:

  • Radiate Confidence and Sophistication: Walk into any room with an air of confidence and sophistication that turns heads

  • Impeccable Manners and Social Etiquette: Stand out in any crowd with manners and social etiquette that scream refinement.

  • Embrace Decency and Integrity: Gain the respect and admiration of others by embodying decency and integrity.

  • Charm and Connect Effortlessly: Build lasting relationships both personally and professionally by mastering the art of charm.

  • Transform Your Personal Style: Reflect your newfound elegance in your personal style and refine your grooming routine for a polished look.


The course that transforms:

Look no further – The Polished Noblewoman: Elegance in Bundles Course is designed to elevate you into the sophisticated and captivating woman you've always aspired to be.


Handout Notes

Gain permanent access to a virtual locker storing all four modules and workbooks for your convenience.



Daily assignments provide the accountability needed to absorb and apply each module's content effectively.

Live classes.png

4 live classes

Join me in four live classes, guiding you through the modules and answering all your burning questions.



On Graduation day, we'll focus on practicing social grace, feminine gait, posture, small talk skills, high tea etiquette, and offer a networking opportunity for all attendees. Complete the program, and you'll proudly receive a certificate of participation.

Rave Reviews from the October 2022 Cohort:

Cynthia N.

This was incredible. I learned how to embrace my body type, dress in my best colours, improve my presentation skills, and enhance my femininity. I am glad I did this course.

Jasmine L.

What a wonderful experience it was to be with Coach Alice. Every module is awakening and well-structured. This is taking my personal brand to the highest level. I am excited.

Caroline N.

I have been a repeat client of Coach Alice since 2021, a member of her Elegance Hub, and my life has improved in so many ways. This course was a refresher for me, learning how to maintain an elegant lifestyle.

Your Transformation Starts NOW!

So, are you ready to unleash your inner sophistication, embrace elegance, and captivate the world?

Secure your spot in The Polished Noblewoman: Elegance in Bundles Course.

Mark your calendars!

The Polished Noblewoman: Elegance in Bundles Course begins on 10th January 2024.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform into the polished and captivating woman you've always aspired to be.


Secure your spot in The Polished Noblewoman: Elegance in Bundles Course.

Coach Alice Muhirwa | Executive Coach

Certified Image & Etiquette Trainer accredited by the British School of Excellence.


With her coaching and styling services, she has successfully impacted over 100 executives and businesswomen from Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, the UK, and Canada.

Coach Alice is renowned for seamlessly incorporating femininity into executive boardrooms and style. Since 2021, she has been passionately dedicated to helping busy and ambitious executives refine their image, presence, and people skills. Alongside her transformative coaching career, Coach Alice also holds a background as an econometrist. As a trusted analyst and advisor, this expertise has allowed her to provide valuable analysis and advisory services to governments, NGOs, and private businesses.

Investment in Yourself!

This life-changing course is priced at $500, payable in 2 instalments.

Get $100 off if you pay in a single instalment.


It's an investment in your confidence, grace, and the refined woman you're destined to become.

2 instalments of 



KES 25,000

Pay in USD: Request a payment link

Paying in KES: Send Money to Alice Muhirwa Hirwa (+254 712 297 015)

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