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Shifted me..

Female one-to one coaching program ,spread in   5 months , for ladies who desire to work on their femininity nurturing with Coach Alice.

  • Are you tired to be a Chaser in your life? 

  • Are you tired to be a people pleaser ,even the most non-deserving ?

  • Are tired to only attract emotionally unavailable friends or courtiers? 

Shifted me ...

  • Will bring clarity on your feminine wounds and how to unlearn and heal .

  • Will help you to structure and shape the feminine version you want to become.

  • It will awaken your greatest potential and play full out while encountering more opportunities for advancement .

  • Harmoniously grow your mindset about health, wealth, relationships and spirit so you can transform each area of your life (without sacrificing the others). 

  • Trade an “either, or” approach to life for a “yes, and also” outlook.

  • Put an end to anxiety, frustration, and fear...

  • Stop hiding your light because it makes other people uncomfortable.

  • Stop settling for less than what you want because you’ve never experienced anything else…

  • And much more! 

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Immediate access to the 5  private LIVE SESSIONS with Coach Alice, a session is 2 hours ,a session a month . 

to help you overcome your feminine wounds  , each Module tap into the process of embodment of the feminine brand you desire to build .

  • The difference between scarcity and abundance

  • The 4 key areas of life where abundance will appear – if you let it

  • How to rid your mind of limiting beliefs

  • Learning to trust your judgment and intuition again

  • Loving yourself … and figuring out what you really want

  • Coming to peace with any unresolved feelings about yourself, love, failure.

  • Cultivating a deeper connection with yourself – and your spiritual Source

  • Questions to ask about your relationships.

  • Cultivate good relationships with people ,money and envirroment.

  • Deliberately creating a new relationship  that value more your worth ,time and  money.

  • Exploring the contrast between scarcity and abundance

  • Activating your new definition of fullfilment .

  • Embracing feminiity 

  • And much more

You are not alone,this what others unveiled after "shifted me"...

If you are ready for fundamental breakthroughs in EVERY area of your life, this is the program that will get you there. If you are tired of playing small and dimming your light, this is the program that teaches you how to shine bright like the diamond you are! We all know that we could be better, bigger and bolder, these 5 months with Coach Alice have been a game changer for me,Alice may God bless you for accepting being a channel in each session .”

Mutangana Clarisse.

“The shifted me program  for me was a turning point for me !

I was able to release my negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs and regain my self-esteem by assessing my life and following the road map that Shifted me  Program laid out for me. My life has changed in every way imaginable. My relationships are better, finances, spirituality and self-empowerment,Got trust to love again and I am planning my wedding in April . Five months were entense but worth each penny.

Thank you Coach .

                                                              Monica  Njeri 



  pay $1000

Want To Pay As You Go?
No Problem!

2 PAYMENTS OF $ 500: The payment timeline is negotiable.

My life purpose 

is to continuously motivate people to discover that they are created with seeds of greatness to adapt, change, and transform every challenge that interferes with their journey into a driver to their full contentment, this MASTER CLASS will fuse your inner abilities and turns you into a whole dynamic game changer to the rest of your life, and how you choose to play your part!

                                     Coach Alice



Your  Pre-workout file will be sent in your email, have it ready for our first session

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