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Join the Modest Lady Hub

2024 Group

Embark on a transformative journey to cultivate a poised personal brand, embrace affluent habits, and elevate your femininity with the unwavering support you deserve.


In this group, I work with, remarkable and passionate ladies just like you. Ladies who are eager to redefine their personal brand, realise their dream lifestyle, enhance their poise, and lead an intentional life.

This is a space for ladies who share the desire to boost their femininity and make a meaningful impact. 


Let's thrive together!

  • You're seeking guidance on how to effectively package and market your expertise in a way that aligns with your values, and you're tired of navigating this journey alone.

  • You’re looking for affordable solutions to enhance your image, refine your lifestyle, and embrace affluence

  • You find yourself feeling lost, uncertain about the next steps, and yearning for a community of action-oriented individuals to inspire and support you in achieving your goals. 

    You're seeking a non-judgmental space among sophisticated ladies, where you can authentically be vulnerable and grow at your own pace

  • You seek a community of like-minded women who are actively elevating themselves—a place to find motivation, exchange ideas, and receive expert guidance from the coach.

  • Your determination to enhance your personal brand is strong, and you recognise the importance of being part of a group of equally determined and ambitious ladies.

This group is for you if...

See what the 2023 group has to say!


Ms. Zanele Sani

The 2023 group has proven to be an incredible experience. Under Coach Alice's guidance, I completed three courses and honed both my appearance and hosting skills. The journey was made even more enjoyable by the wonderful company of fellow ladies.


Ms. Soni Carolyne

I am currently in my third year with Coach Alice's group, and the 2023 cohort has profoundly influenced my femininity and intentionality. I enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere, the maturity, and the acts of elegance that characterized our week-ends.


Ms. Juliet Rwazi

Thank you Coach Alice. This group has been instrumental in my self-improvement journey. I underwent a complete 360-degree makeover and the transformation has been truly remarkable.

And this is what being with us will benefit you…

virtual meeting.png

At the beginning and end of each quota, you'll engage in a one-hour virtual call with Coach Alice to establish and assess your personal goals.



Enjoy a 30% discount on all virtual courses and in-person sessions as a member perk.



Consistency is key to self-improvement. That's why we share weekly assignments to keep you on track.



Engage with fellow members through interactions, challenges, and social activities. Additionally, experience private meet-ups in-house with the coach.



Reserve Your Spot Now!

Hurry, slots are filling up fast!

Early Bird Rates:

November 1st to 30th: $150

December 1st to 31st: $250

Act fast! January subscriptions will be at $300.


Who is Coach Alice?

Meet Alice, your next personal development coach with a special focus on empowering Executives and Business Owners to refine their brands. 


Boasting over a decade of corporate experience, Alice has spearheaded various boards, bringing both managerial and diplomatic expertise to the table.


Alice's passion extends to etiquette and mannerism training for women, and she dedicates herself to delivering diverse, targeted content on everyday etiquette.


Embarking on a new coaching path, Alice has already made waves, helping hundreds of ladies and young professionals reshape and reposition their brands for elevated pursuits. 

Don't miss your chance to join a community of determined, poised, and influential ladies. If you're ready to elevate your poise, refine your lifestyle, and embrace affluence, secure your spot now and let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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