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Modest lady HUB: (2024 GROUP)

Gain the support you need to build a poised personal brand, build affluent habits and elevate your femininity. 

In this group, I work with 

  Passionate Ladies like you.

Ladies who want to transform their brand, achieve a dream lifestyle, amplify their poise and live an intentional life.

Ladies who desire to boost their femininity.


See What they say  about 2023 group !


This is the right group for you if :


You're not sure how to package or market your expertise in a way that feels good to you (and you're tired of doing  it alone).

You are looking for ways to improve your image, refine your  Lifestyle and embrace affluence.

at an affordable price. 



You're feeling lost, unsure about ‘what’s next’ and craving a community of ‘doers' to inspire and support you to achieve your goals.

You are looking for a judgement free group of civilised ladies, where you can be freely vurnerable and grow at your pace. 



You desire a community of other ladies, who are elevating themselves ,to  motivate you, exchange and get proper assistance by the coach.

You are determined to work on your personal brand but you need to be in a group of other  determined ladies .

And this is what being with us will  benefit  you...


Each first and last week of your quotas  you will have an hour virtual call with coach Alice ,to set and evaluate your personal  goals. 

weekly mail 

Self improvement requires consintency  that is why each week we share weekly assignments .

Discount rate on courses

  • Members will benefit a 30% discount on all virtual courses.

  • 30% discount on in-person courses


Being in interaction with all other members, participating in challenges and other social activities.

Private meet ups, in-house with the coach.

Subscription fee


They finish quickly.

Early bird rates : 

  • 1st -to 30th November :150$

  • 1st -31th December. :    250$  


January subscription goes to 300$



I can't wait to host you ,and evolve with you!



She is a personal development coach, with much interest in helping Executives & business owners refine their brands. 
She has more than 10 years of experience in corporate, where she led and sat on different boards both managerial and diplomatic. In her new coaching path, she has helped hundreds of ladies and young professionals reshape and reposition their brands for higher pursuits.
She is passionate  about   Etiquette and mannerism .She  share  various content on everyday etiquette

If you know it is the right time to join a community of "Doers" ; Ladies who are committed to work and repositioning themselves,

ladies who know that it is through affluence we can sustain influence. Then Sign up.

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