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4 elegant ways to improve how you accessorise Executive looks.


In this Executive style month , we will cover ways to elevate your Executive appearance by putting more attention on things that usually get less attention and yet play a big role in our appearance .

Last week we shared 4 ways you can upscale your formal wears by adding more of neutral colours.

This week we will share 4 of our preferred picks to accessorise your executive looks.

When it comes to accessorising, your personal taste, or personal style influence your choice of accessories;Your style, which is a combination of your style values, your personality, the kind of lines you are drawn to and how you put together your outfits, is an expression of your self-perception.

Often, it transcends what others like (trends and fads), Your style is the reason why you will see a beautiful piece of clothing and intuitively understand that is not for you.

Taste and preference arm twist fashion rules, however in the corporate world there is a number of blacklisted accessories .

Here are my tips on ways to uplift your Executive style:

1) Less is more when choosing a necklace...

It is advised to wear minimal chain with

1 beautiful pendant ,dented pearls, or full pearls .If you like laying necklaces, check what I suggest as minimal laying.

Avoid layering different metals, avoid interfering chains, avoid 2 or more pendants.

2) Pick the right belt ...

While collecting formal belt, go for minimal belts, with less statements .

I suggest ,black, brown, neutral, and any colour of your preference, trousers and dress belts.

Avoid faux-lather wraps, heavy statement belts, chain belts, big logo, golden or bling bling statements.

3) While picking a handbag ...

While choosing as handbag to complete your Executive look, embrace timeless pieces with minimal prints, logo and other metallic statements, you can build an executive handbags collection as such

(2 totes black and neutral ,1 or 2 structured handbags in your preferred colours, 1 or 2 cross handbags, and a flap clutch .

4) Other elegant accessories .

We can not forget to add the earrings , broches and silk scarves.

While choosing your earrings opt for less distractive, less voluminous earrings .

in your collection, add silver, golden and pearls, your birth stone earrings, rings, and broches.

We should avoid :

  • Laying many earrings in one look.

  • Avoid wearing different metals in one look.

  • Avoid heavy and large hoops.

Every time you step out into the world, you send a message about who you are by the way you present yourself; this is your personal branding.

The kind of attire you choose, how you groom yourself and how you put that together constitutes your appearance. How you walk, move, and carry yourself in your body, including your facial expressions, constitutes your body language. How you speak; the tone, the volume, the pitch, what you say and how you say it constitutes your communication.

And these three - your appearance, your body language and your communication all serve to make your first impression. Which is why, even before the term personal branding was coined, people with goals and aspirations in social, political and professional spheres took great care on how they presented themselves.

Put enough effort in elevating your everyday formal looks, it goes along away to speak about your personal brand. I hope these tips will help you improve the way you accessorise your Executive looks .

If there any question you have on "Executive style? drop them in the comment section ,I will be addressing them as they come.

Do you want to elevate your Executive looks? Do you want a 360 make over on your Executive presence ? Book a free discovery call with us on the link below to that we get you started .

Have a blessed week .

Coach Alice.

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