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4 ways you can make your Executive LOOK stand-out!

Executive style has to be sober and smart always. The suits/blazer/shirt , mid skirt or dress seem to be the basic ordinary . The colour chosen should be according to the skin and personality type.Leathers should always match your belt and shoes for males .

However ,I find these classic executive wears a bite bowering without a pop of colour !

Here down I have shared 4 tips on how to make your Executive look stands out:

#Tip1 : Add more feminine colours

Adding bright colours ,gives your silhouette the illusion of an approachable, alluring, confident, clean personality.

Do not shy away from a popping blazer, camisole or cover up.If your corporate dress code is very strict on colours, choose to add neutral camisole and white pearls.

#Tip2: Try out colourful blazer in muted tones .

Colourful blazers have that capacity to brighten a dark, dale dress or trousers.Play with colours that blend well with your skin tone.

the idea of buttoning or not buttoning your blazer goes with the fitting mostly .

For formal wear consider more covered buttons than metal- ones.

If it is a must to stay in navies & blackies, play around with neutral camisoles, scarves ,neutral shoes and pearls .avoid wearing Monochomatic suits if your suit is in a heavy black or navy material .add contrast and brighter soft camisoles.

.Invest in brighter camisoles, for your dark suits.

#TIP 3: Add some inches

Speaking of shoes do not wear open-toed shoes, there are very off-putting in the office place. Save them for the weekend, night outs, or anywhere else but the office.

Invest in some height ! even if you are not a stilleto girl, but add chuncky or kitten heels ,in neutrals,black ,grey ,and navy.

#Tip4: Embrace colour combination that elevate your body type!

This is my preferred part, being able to build unique looks, requires to be a little bite more playful with colours ,colours that elevate your silhouettes . In Elevate program, we have a whole module on Executive poise we help Executive build their official looks basing on their body types and colour palettes that work for their skin tone. Learn how to use colour wheel will help you come out with smart combinations

In the long run, how you look is as important as how you act or what you say, it is really important when it comes to first impressions. When you give some thought to your appearance in the workplace it can really open some doors for you and make sure you are given the opportunity to demonstrate your skills.

Appearance is certainly one if important parts of executive presence and it does have an impact, so it’s not something that should be ignored.

I hope these few tips are going to help you embrace colors and other feminine cuts in your Executive closet. Next week we will tackle Executive accessories, stay tuned.

Also, share with me in the comment section any other topic you would wish me to cover on this "Executive style" theme.

Have a blissful week.

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