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6 Tips For Building Self Image Confidence

A positive self-image is something

I think almost everyone struggles with at some point in their lives, but especially women. We grew up being taught that the way you looked is the ONLY thing that matters. Our entire young life was around pink and our looks. Magazines,movies SHOWCASING a certain type of silhouettes as ideal body type , When you don’t look like what you see in the media, it makes your self esteem pretty dang low. That is, until you can practice ways to bring it back up.

It is trendy and fashionable, seeing ladies opting more for plastic surgeries.I have nothing against plastic surgery at all, but without working deeply into your core source of confidence you are more likely to do surgery many times !

Correcting medical conditions, or kick-starting your beauty appeal with plastic surgery is a perfect personal choice but start with your mental confidence, understand your main problem on your image, fix that.

If not, you will spend a lot of money fixing a wrong issue, the issue is how you feel about yourself (as a whole ) more than how you feel about the body .

These are my top 6 tips for building self image confidence to help you have a positive personal body confidence.

1) Beauty begins the moment you decide to accept who you are .

Before we start, it’s important to note that I am not a therapist or mental health professional.

While I blog on Confidence, self-esteem , and body positive issues as part of building a strong personal brand and always try to be an inspirational resource, if you are feeling mentally unstable, please contact a professional to talk. (ie: go to therapy at a clinic – there’s nothing shameful about talking to trained professionals about mental health!)

2) Accept your imperfections, accept your size, and take proper measurements ,dress your sizes .

3) Take a picture every day .

Admire your images, notice your beauty treats ,any small detail every day, how your skin is improving, how your make up popped out, how your colour palette came out, etc .

Example : Last year I challenged myself to improve on my confidence to do things when people are looking at me, My goals was to try and take road side pictures as many time as possible .I use to fear this to death ,but by the end of 2022,I had taken like 100 photos on different roads!

4) Affirm your body, everyday .

I did not know how powerful this is ,when it comes to fighting . body-shaming when you tell yourself how beautiful you are, how your body is amazing,

embrace your big tumbo! as you work on it .

Dress your size.

My number one challenge was to not be able to tack trousers or skirts, as before, but nowadays I do tack them with my basketball tummy!

Talk to your body as your bestie!

Especially the body parts that you feel less confident about. Take long showers, massage each body part, have an internal conversation , Admire yourself , oil your body softly with no rush , and caress yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror several times, I suggest apply oil looking in the mirror .

5) Stop Saying "You’re Fat"

Instead say I like who I am ,I am more than my size ,and I can change how I look .

I can dress my size, I can learn how to flatter my body type , as I work on getting my ideal body.

6) Receive compliments

When you have self-sabotaging thoughts it gets hard to accept compliments You have to stick up for yourself otherwise you’ll never have a positive self-image. You have to have confidence in yourself first!

I hope these body image and self image tips help you practice finding confidence for yourself!

If you have anything to add, just leave a comment below. If you want to chat, you can always DM me on Instagram

If you desire to improve your appearance ,dress your body type and review your closet consider emailing me at or DM on my instagram @alice_etiquettecoach


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Have a wonderful week end!

Coach Alice.

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