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A là une de cette semaine: Executive fragrance catalog.

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

  • Do you often struggle to indentify what fragrance to wear for your office days?

  • Do you zig zag before choosing a fragrance to use for a serious business meeting? or Executive lunch date ?

What notes to go for for an evening business cocktail or simply the notes to consider for your day to day fragrances?

If you are s beginer in Fragrance collection ,or you would like to go with less

"faux pas" and pinky-ponky guesses ,claim this Executive Scent catalogue ,available only for our " Executive mail list member"

knowing your fragrance note performance on your own skin will help you determine your best fragrances.

In this catalogue ,I shared tips on what to consider collecting your Executive fragrances ,why you should go beyond a fragrance scent and look more of fragrance notes that performed best on you,suggestion on high performing sillages,longetivitiy and layering techniques.

To grab your copy you must be on our mail list ,so that you get access to more content on Executive content,Etiquette,elegance, and all our other offers and upcoming course.

Join maillist here

We will be live today 20:30 EAT on Instagram put your notification bell on .

Have a fruitful ,wining week ,get through the catalogue and tell me what you think of my handpicked pieces and what is in your Kart for this second half of the year. fragrances .

Do not hesitate to consult if you want more guidance in picking your Executive scents .


I help Executive curate their style,behaviors and control their presence ,if you would like a total style make-over,a touch up, a profile review, a professional headshot do not hesitate to consult with me. or join our upcoming Executive group coaching this 6th August 2022, for more details contact us on here.

A bientôt,

Coach Alice.

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