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Celebrating a man's love...

This very day 19th December 1992 is a day I use to hate for the past 30 years! Raving rage to the universe about how I was robbed very early of my first love, the man I loved with of me! My super hero, the man I think I almost or idolized!

Today it is exactly 30 years of a life as an orphan,30 years of missing a man who instilled the real meaning of beauty, confidence the importance of poise in a lady’s life.

Being a first born , I got the privilege to learn from him and mum ,and most their memories are still vivid in me more than our youngest siblings who did not get a chance to experience their warmth since they passed when they were to young ,3 ,4,2 years old!

But us ,the 3 eldest still remember and share with them how they were and the things they instilled in us when they were alive, we appreciate the fact that our youngest sisters live by the same principles up to date .

Papa, I thank you today, that you prepared us long ago and gave us enough mileage to handle adulthood even for the days you weren’t physically present, your words were.

Some of your words that still resonate with me, and my siblings are :

  • You don’t need the earrings to feel beautiful, feeling beautiful needs to come from how you feel and see yourself, you are beautiful the way you are.

  • A lady needs to seat decently, either in class, or playing with her friends, don't prosser your dress, or manspread your legs anyhow !

  • If someone dared to bully you because you are a leftie, instead of fighting them just smile and tell him, you wish you could be a lefty, hein!

These three sentences have made my life ride so manageable.

Because of how you affirmed us, introduced us to love good things with simplicity, being contented by what matters the most, being kind to ourselves when things did not go the way we anticipated, and being kind to others.

Today, what is the best way to celebrate your name, other than to tell you that not only have I mentored other women to embrace Simplified elegance, to build confidence from the core, building unshakeable confidence from your mindset and it is working, and also we have received many compliments on how well we were raised ,now that we are all parents, we understand the amount of work you had put in us ,and we are grateful .

I celebrate the love you gave us,

I celebrate the love you gave our mother,

I celebrate all your kindness

I celebrate your loyalty to the country and the people of Rwanda

Rest in peace,

Mon Commandant!

From a daddy's daughter,



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