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Do you know what will distinguish your Personal brand from the rest? : Your "VIBE"

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

“All of the big names in every industry

have been consistent on their "Personal brand Vibe".

You know the saying

" Your VIBE attracts your TRIBE", what is your vibe? Last week we spoke about clarity on your brand values, purpose, and what fulfillment it brings us.

Today I would like to add the element of "VIBE", simply because "People buy People, People easily relate to the same vibe or the vibe they wish they had.

People who use personal brands connect to their audiences using their personalities rather than the product that they offer. They do this by consistently showcasing how their values, their characters, and their passions are unique. This creates chemistry among those who share the same values and character; it’s like making friends with your ideal clients before they know they are your clients.

Personal brand vibe consists of determining your authentic touch and point of expression that you are good at and choose to be known as such.

When I started "Virtual School of Elegance" I was determined to encourage middle-class ladies to elevate themselves by becoming more decent, modest, affordably embracing etiquette and elegance.

That is where my personal brand "Simplified elegance" came from.

Simplified Elegance should always reflect "Decency, simplicity, affordability, creative, elegance, locally available" these are the quality magnets for my personal brand . "

(For example, this is a dining cabinet decor piece I made yesterday,

using a branch from a tree .

I was sharing tips in our Connoisseur d'elegance group that our house should remain fresh and inviting regardless of high /low season in our pockets, we just have to be creative).

I will encourage you to the day to start sketching a vibe from what you are best at, and maintain that as your "Personal brand authentic vibe" basically the how you want to stay in people's perceptions?

Find pleasure in creating a personal brand from what you love doing the most, how easy it is to maintain the frequency of that choice, and define the How you would want it to be introduced to the world that will forever be your "brand Vibe"

Share with me in the comment below what is your personal brand and its vibe if you already have one also one thing you would like me to blog on related to "Personal brand "

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Have a wonderful flow of the week!

Coach Alice,


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Jun 13, 2022

How do you define the vibe?

Alice  Muhirwa
Alice Muhirwa
Jun 13, 2022
Replying to

The energy you want to be known for " Calm, loud, serene, quite, conversant, laid back, aggressive ,inclusive ,etc...

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