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Inelegant behaviours modest ladies should avoid

Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire,

1 Timothy 2:9

We are in the era where "trends beat timelessness," and ladies are facing the enormous wave of social change. The amusing thing to me is how the standards to conform have risen at an almost astronomical rate.

Civility norms like other social changes, alter with time and that is why one needs constant refresher courses on modesty and good manners to avoid being confused by "trends" or "fads.

In the same spirit ,I have gathered some behaviours that modest ladies should avoid at all costs;

1) In Public places, a modest lady should avoid speaking loudly and shouting even when confronted.We should resist being carried away by fleeting moments of anger that cause our speech to be offensive to those around us.

2) Giving fake/insincere smiles: Such smiles hide evil intentions and are associated with hypocrisy, crooks and fake friends .

3) Wearing overly revealing attire: Modesty comes with class, self-respect and honoring your personal brand .

4)Extravagant makeup ,nails and lashes: There is this saying that states “to each their own”. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences but to mingle in the circles of high society, flamboyance may need to be replaced with moderation.

5) Being unkind to strangers: We all have our bad days, but even in the midst of a bad day, we should avoid treating strangers rudely.

6) Hooting loudly and shouting while driving: A modest lady doesn't shout loudly at others on the road.

7) Pointing fingers at others: Refrain from any mean gesture/gestures that demean and offend others .

8) Twerking in public (and on social media):Dancing in a provocative manner, not caring the perceptions that you pass across can have a negative impact on your personal brand.

How about Conversations?

While talking, a modest lady does not chew gum ,pull her hair, wear sunglasses or put them in her hair.

At the same time avoid:Gossip

Gossip is a mean behaviour that can alienate friends and ruin reputations.

What about Social Media?

Modest ladies avoid mean comments on social media; this entails reacting badly to other people's comments , feeds and spreading hate referred to as trolling.

Instead they prioritize their own growth , preserve and direct their energy on things that matter to them. Modest ladies avoid picking fights over small things, leaving small fights to small fighters.

High-Value ladies don’t waste their time longing to be right all the time or to justify themselves on everything and anything.

What other inelegant behaviours do you think a modest lady should avoid? Tell us more in the comments

Continue preserving your personal brand, embracing decent behaviours.

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