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My personal share on these 5 Myths about elegance .

Every now and then, I notice certain misconceptions of elegance and of being an elegant woman.So therefore, I decided to write some myths of elegance, which will hopefully dispel some common inaccurate beliefs about what it means to be elegant :

Myth #1 In order to be elegant, I have to dress up like a nun.

Dressing elegantly, is being able to fascinate your body shape with attires that not only flatter it ,but with color & cuts that elevate your silhouette to showcase your personality without saying much. It does not have to be church like or choral like ,you are free to navigate trends & fads as long as these two factors ;quality and decency ;are observed.

Myth#2 Elegance is expensive. It is only for those who can afford fine things.

With great advancement in technology, we are now enjoying greater quality at lower prices. There are many mass market brands that produce things with style and quality ,learn how to be creative and invest in things you can repurpose.Start on a budget that you can maintain, what matters is the consistency you put on a particular routine you chose ,not the brands you choose to incorporate.

You just need to refine your tastes – learn discretion.Enhance your ability to deduce the quality of the make of the item.

Myth #3: Looking rich is elegant.

Actually, it is considered bad taste to be showy, flashy of one’s wealth.

So is boasting, or bragging about brands you are wearing or the money you spend on your lifestyle.The more humble a rich person is, the greater everyone’s respect grows for that person.Wealthy people are not always elegant as you can see reports of certain highly-paid celebrities indulging in embarrassing behaviors.

Let those with a fine eye ,detect how classy and posh is your taste.

Myth #4 Elegance in appearance is the most important.

Looking put together, groomed and posh is not sufficient if your behavior and manners are questionable. Good manners, kindness and being humble make you an interesting person and elegant rather than focusing on appearance only.

Myth #5 Elegance calls in extravagance being a ( maximalist )

It is impossible to be elegant with few things, you have to invest in many things

Extravagance gives me the impression of impulse, excessiveness and wastefulness.The word elegance is derived from the Latin eligere, meaning to select.If you observe people whom you think are very elegant, you will notice how they take their time to select and choose.This applies to all areas of their life. They choose their clothes with high quality because they want more value and use of it. They choose their shoes well because they want them to last. They choose what to do with their time, not wasting it, not living a life of hurry.Having the joy in a few pieces ,that serve the purpose and procure you joy.

In Conclusion

There are many myths about elegance. Feel free to share also the myth you have seen and debunked, and by this feel encouraged to be the woman you want to be.


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