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OCTOBER THEME: "Etiquette" Why is etiquette still a must in our days?

In a nutshell, etiquette is an unwritten code of behaviours, designed to ease social interactions in both our personal and business lives. Learning and mastering the rules of etiquette will help you build confidence, engage with others, and progress professionally

Respect, kindness and consideration sit at the very heart of modern etiquette and these principles should inform our conduct and behaviour at all times.

For some people the word ‘etiquette’ has rather unfairly acquired old -fashioned connotations that hark back to a time when gentlemen wore hats and ladies kept their hands covered by white gloves. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Etiquette is just as relevant today as it was in Victorian times – perhaps even more so, as we live in a world where technological globalisation has seen our daily interactions transcend geographical boundaries and move beyond face-to-face communication.

  • Etiquette give you confidence to interact with others without fear to inconvience .

  • Knowing how to approach social situations will boost your confidence and self-esteem

  • Walking into a networking event or dinner party can be intimidating and having a toolbox of social skills at your disposal will soothe your nerves and leave you free to enjoy the occasion.

  • Etiquette and manners help you become more aware of the verbal and non-verbal signals that you send to others and what others communicate with the same.

  • It helps you build good relationships, knowing how to make others feel comfortable without inconvienting yourself.

Social bonds are essential to mental and emotional health and it’s a simple fact that people would rather interact with those who are nice than those who are not. Even small gestures like texting your friend ‘good luck’ before a work presentation or taking the time to greet your work colleague with a smile and heartfelt ‘How are you?’ go a long way towards building stronger connections.

More often than not, people will determine your value to them by the way you make them feel when they are in contact with you.

The opportunities that etiquette and manners open up are not limited to your professional life. If you are looking to meet a romantic partner or make new friends, they will help you stand out as someone who is kind, confident and approachable.


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Happy October!

Focus on your essentials

Coach Alice.

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