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" PEOPLE KNOW THIS DRESS " The mother to our clutter!

It has been a while, without blogging something for you, but this time round, let me shake my feather pen and converse with you for a little while! Some time back, on my IG stories I run a survey asking followers the reasons behind their impulse shopping!

75% of the respondents shop out of the imaginary discomfort that all their outfits are known! they feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed to repeat the same dress, especially when going to the same place they went wearing the same dress! The people know This dress Syndrome "

62 % of them, shop without analyzing their CPW and the wearability of that particular piece as long as the eye is in love and it fits! the common fate of this group is that they end up not repeating effectively that piece for fear of being seen severely with the same piece.

obviously, this is the main reason we over-shop, we have so many pieces of the same, represented in many colors & patterns, without realizing that we are building clutter, and not exploring our creativity in general! We end up hating them because we are not creative in our styling!

Let me share with you some tips that will help you declutter and shop after analyzing the CPW (Cost Per Wear)

(1) Take a habit of building your weekly capsule every Sunday evening.

(2) Define a theme and an affirmative motto for example: " unstoppable gem ", "Magnetic goddess choose colours that reflect that power that you want to ride on! choose your weekly colour palette, and play with styling.

(3) Go through your closet reusing the same pieces styled differently !!

(4) Girlllll, Make Pinterest your friend, imitate certain styles using what you already have.

Tell me what you think of this look of mine!

Do you still think people know these dresses?

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