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Personal brand...why every Executive needs it.

Nowadays Personal Brand is becoming a" Passcode " in every industry. We often find comfort in associating with an established person; or give them extra "courtoisie" ,we get much more curious to know any person who appear put together!

"Who is she/he?"

A question that will never miss to surface in our mind and sometime on our tangue! this interest to know " Who the other person is" emanates beyond performance, expertise, it is more of "What is her vibe? Who does she hang out with, and what does she dress? Who is in her circle, and what traffic or influence does she add or bring?

With the exponential growth of social media, the gig economy, a solid personal brand has become imperative in every line of work ,We all want the Best dentist, the best Gynae, the Best MC, the Best DJ, and some time the best Chief or nanny! Some will try to make it a joke and say

" What are you bringing to the table? and a lady saying " I am the table" meaning I am the deal -I am A whole brand.

Allow me to ask you as well? Which table are you? Plastic, marble, wooden or metallic?

Personal branding helps you package yourself to communicate value, through your image, through your language.

I find Personal brand as an imperative character every Executive should have in 2022 because it is a trust accelerator.

A recent study in behavioral management at the University of California found that 76% of people are more likely to buy from a person with a personal brand.

Like all skills, you cannot master personal branding overnight. It takes time,

commitment & dedication to identify what you want to be known for & build your brand authentically.

It is essential to invest in reflecting on your brand, and how to build and maintain it.

Remember that your reputation sets you apart & continue to channel authenticity in all your interactions.

A personal brand will be our Theme of JUNE. We will discuss on Characteristics of an outstanding personal brand and how to build it. If you want to be receiving more of these articles directly, join our email list.

Until next week,

Happy June.

Continue to have a wonderful week!

Coach Alice.

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