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These past two weeks of June we have shared with you three essential characteristics of an outstanding personal brand, which are; clarity on your brand visibility, values, and vibe.

It is indispensable to add the element of "REPOSITIONING".

We can't aim for visibility and care less about Positioning ourselves.

Being strategic in where to position ourselves professionally and socially will quicken the process of integrating and exuding our capacity in a new circle of affluence.

You might go to the extent of :

  • Changing your hangout circles, embracing elite life, and go to beautiful hotels, and restaurants.

  • Attend important events in your neighborhood

  • Network with higher carrier women.

  • Expanding your circle of influence.

Positioning for visibility requires outgrowing certain circles, and certain habits, I can certainly warn you, you will experience resistance, criticism, hate, and self-doubt.

But Let me remind you to trust the process as you carry your chair on that high table you are trying to fit in.

Once repositioned, aim to create good rapport, and expend your network .

I will share more on our next week's blog, tips on how to draw interestingness and create rapport in a new circle .

Until next week ,

Strategize for your visibility.

Coach Alice.

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