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Shifting toward elegance will also influence people around you to become better .

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Contrary to what the internet feeds us nowadays, when we google elegance most feeds that pop up will be ladies on yachts ,or infinity pools with bikini and mimosa, flaunting designer wears, but elegance in its essence is more of inner beauty and outer grace: I will explain .

What is elegance? Elegance incorporates many qualities. Many people believe that elegance is an aesthetic or style. But it’s definitely more than that. Elegance is a state of mind and a lifestyle just as much as an image. Whether you are beginning your journey to becoming a more elegant woman, or have been on this road for some time now, it is always good to reflect on what elegance really is, and why it is important.

To a certain extent, elegance is something you can define for yourself. Historically, women with elegance were firm in their character , feminine, poised and confident.

If you are not born in bourgeoisie ,to be introduced and groomed from a young age, then you are more likely to be trained much much later in life like myself! and it start from a Mindset -change from Fixed to resilient mindset .

Being elegant in your mind is about becoming a gentle, patient and compassionate person to yourself and others . An important aspect of elegance is being very mindful about your thoughts, your movements and knowing your worth.

Elegance is a certain attitude toward personal growth, and everyone may have different ideas to what that incorporates. Generally it involves kindness, positivity and focus. Elegance is being grateful for what you have, but having high expectations for yourself and others.

Elegance is educating yourself and setting appropriate boundaries for yourself.Today I want to share a personal story of my journey. Mine did not start from a bourgeois family ,I started from a point of frustration in my life.

I am sure every one of us has those self isolated talks ,alone in the elevator and/or inner voices talking to us.

And mine started with la fameuse sentence “I need to get my life together"! October 14, 2014, I was in my office cloak room, while freshening up, looking in the mirror while washing your hands. That afternoon I saw a reflection of unhappy lady ,shabby ,with a barely kept hair, my nude shoes were overly won with a brown blouse that is already wet , yes breast milk milk has stained it, I was in complete wardrobe dysfunctional, Highest panic came ,I was to do presentation on behalf of my company ,in fact a client was waiting me in the boardroom ,I had no scarf to cover, I had no blazer nothing.

I called Suzan _ Who was our cleaner, she was a lady in her mid-forties and she told me, I can lend you my scarf ,which she did and I went to do a 45 minutes presentation ,with back and forth questions ,I drove home frustrated ,stressed, no energy to bond with my 4 months baby nor to cuddle my husband ,I was hating myself to a level I have not understood.

I woke up frustrated, dressed frustrated, went to work, sat in my office still bonding with my mind. Why is my life such a mess? Why am I a people pleaser, why do I think I get what I get because I have to work hard? Why am I constantly afraid to lose my job? Why do I even have to go beyond my working hours? Why can't I say no to my Boss? for my own health ?I stood up thinking aloud - I need to get my life together - Honestly my mindset was fixed on paycheck, work circle, donkey myself without even thinking other ways I can have a side hustle experiencing negativity and subdued due to carrying work loads home, in between pleasing my boss, my ends and an immense self blame of not being able to be a good parent, a good mother and a good wife.

This very day ,while driving back home, Something came to my head, and I told myself "Alice you have been saying you want to get your life together but You have done nothing so far? " ,I said I am resigning ,I need time to think ,I need to face my fears , I need to figure out what I want after this? I need so many things to be checked and fixed, but I am starting with myself. To cut the story short, Same week I resigned ,followed all the formalities and the first week at home was sleep & bonding with my baby .

What changed ?

I got more time, time to work on my inner peace to be more close to my family, I got more time to do transformational programmes and it has improved my marriage, my career and finances and has also improved so much on my confidence and put me on a path of constant and never ending self development.From 2014 to date I have never stopped or deviated from the path of becoming more elegant and classy, being able to re-invent and build the more desirable powerful woman spiritI can assure you, living a classy life is possible and it is for everyone who desires and decides to manifest.

You can be everything you desire, only when you work on it and put in the Japanese Kaizen philosophy ,I went to do image consulting course, Behavioral change coaching ,etiquette courses and here I am today ,as a brand strategist and accredited etiquette coach, a carrier that I do in my own terms, with plenty time for myself ,staying present with my family and plants. I got time to create hobbies which I never had before.

As I started " Living an elegant life has more to do with nurturing your inner beauty," and pouring grace in the world, but how would you be able to pour grace from an empty heart?

This week I invite you to visit your mindset, and check if you are happy with your state or if you can improve for better, creating time for the things you love the most. Life will be different.

You will have immense satisfaction and motivation to live a purposeful life.

Let me end my story by saying when women are ladylike, the men around them can't help but be gentlemen to them too. Even see people around me changing and embracing decorum, etiquette and disciplined life. Have you observed the same thing too?


I also take this opportunity to share with you that we have an upcoming course in October " First lady Effect : Elegance in bundles"a four weeks program ,this course entails 4 modules on How to bring decency & decorum in your everyday life, Art of hosting & entertaining ,Modern home keeping and home decor , Feminine serenity , How to become a magnetic affluent lady.

This course is for you if you want to upgrade your lifestyle, embrace decency and shift to an elegant mindset . This four weeks program ,classes will be on week-ends ( Saturdays & Sundays ) 2 hours per session .

  • The cost is 250$ or 30.000 KSH .

  • If you are interested in joining this course please register through this link below .

  • If you are a member in the connoisseur d'elegance group ,you will register with a discounted code of 50% more details will be shared in your inbox.

Have a wonderful month .

Coach Alice.

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