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"Sip in Style: 7 Tea Cup Etiquette Every Elegant Lady Should Master"

Tea time is not just about sipping a delicious brew; it's an art with its own etiquette. To ensure you enjoy this cherished tradition to the fullest, here are seven essential tea cup etiquette tips to elevate your tea-drinking experience.

When seated, please wait for the host or hostess to take their napkin before you unfold yours. Once they do, unfold your napkin and place it on your lap, folding it in half with the open end facing towards you..

  1. Hold the Cup Properly: When holding the teacup use your thumb and index finger to grip the handle while gently supporting the bottom with your other fingers. Avoid engaging the cup with all fingers as it may appear awkward and clumsy.

Avoid these :

2.Stirring with Elegance: If you need to stir your tea, do so gently and without clinking the spoon against the sides of the cup. To avoid any spills, place the teaspoon on the saucer neatly after stirring.

3.Sip Gracefully: Take small and elegant sips from the tea cup, ensuring not to slurp or make loud noises. Blowing on hot tea to cool it down is also considered impolite.

4.Saucer Placement: When not drinking, rest your tea cup on the saucer provided. Never leave it hovering in the air, as this may be seen as careless and improper.

5. Pinkie Placement: Contrary to popular belief, sticking out your pinkie while holding a tea cup is not proper etiquette. Instead, keep your pinkie gently curved with the rest of your fingers.

The correct way to hold a tea cup _ Coach Alice .

6. Refusing Tea: If you wish to decline a cup of tea, do so politely with a simple "No, thank you." Avoid making negative comments about the tea or the host's choice.

7. Savouring the Last Sip: Avoid loudly slurping the last drop or tilting the cup excessively when you've finished your tea. Leave a small amount of tea at the bottom to avoid appearing as though you are in a hurry to leave.

Mastering tea cup etiquette demonstrates your appreciation for the tradition and showcases your grace and poise as a tea connoisseur. These seven essential tips will elevate your tea-drinking experience and leave a lasting impression as a gracious and

well-mannered guest. So, the next time you gather for afternoon tea, remember these etiquette tips to savour each moment with elegance and sophistication.

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My name is Coach Alice, an accredited image and etiquette consultant based in Nairobi-Kenya,I help Executives and ambitious business people to refine their interpersonal skills.

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