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Things that helped my emotional intelligence grow: take control of your emotions

This is the last blog of the month, and this month we focused on “ Emotional intelligence”.

We discuss more on how Executives should ground and highlight their presence by becoming more intentional about how they react to adversities, deadlines, pressure, fear, and excitement in their day-to-day.

Here are a number of tips that I have been applying in my personal life, and have really helped me to gather my emotions.

(1) Respond Instead of Reacting During Conflict

It is very normal to face instances of conflict as you go about your daily tasks. It is also normal to have outbursts of anger during the conflict, but it isn’t the best approach.

Emotional intelligent people make an effort to stay calm during times of crisis. They ensure that they do not act impulsively.

An emotionally intelligent individual understands that the main goal during conflict is finding a suitable resolution for both parties. So all their actions and emotions are geared toward reaching this goal in an amicable manner.

(2) Be Responsible For your Feelings.

You have to accept that you are in charge of your feelings. Your emotions and behavior come directly from you. It is not hereditary. The moment you accept that and stop blaming others for your action or reactions, you are a step closer to becoming more emotionally intelligent.

(3) Improve your Listening Skills

An emotionally intelligent individual listens to understand instead of just waiting for their turn to speak. Before speaking they ensure that they understand what message the person they are in conversation with is trying to relay.

Not only do they listen to words, but they also pay attention to the non-verbal aspects of the conversation.

(4) Celebrate the Positive Moments

People who have and relish positive moments are more resilient, have better relationships at work and at home, and lastly face their problems with a more optimistic outlook.

Even in times of distress, remembering positive times can help improve your mood and get you back to working on a solution to your problems.

  1. Do Not Ignore Negative Moments

In the same you celebrate positive moments, in the same vain do not ignore the negatives. Reflecting on the negative moments would help you deal with similar situations better in the future.

The key here is not to dwell too long on negative moments because this can lead to depression.

You should just see where you made mistakes that led you to that point and learn the valuable lessons to prepare you for the future.

(5) Look at Yourself Objectively.

This might be quite difficult for you to do on your own. The majority of the time we would be biased in the analysis of ourselves and our characters.

You would need the input of your friends and family. Ask them what they think your weaknesses are. Write them down and work on improving them.

Compare what they tell you and the perception that you already have about yourself. This way you know what areas to improve.

( 6) Create a Positive Environment

Creating a positive environment for yourself not only gives you the opportunity to thrive and grow, but it can also be contagious to people around you.

(7)Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day.

Before we go on with this guide to help you improve emotional intelligence, understand that everything takes time.

Building emotional intelligence is a lifetime process and you would continue to develop and grow each day. They would be times when your emotions might overwhelm you, it’s okay. Just keep moving on and improving on yourself daily.


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Have you been able to improve on your Personal brand by applying our tips?

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  • Not yet, I still need more guidance.

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