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Meditating on your Executive personal brand is like going for a craft activity day with our mind, subconscious, universe, and God.

It will guide you to get a clear & concise process on how to build and grow your brand.

Live your everyday life by allocating a certain amount of time in each block of your brand vision board to help you assign an amount of time and frequency for each process.

Putting that in a repetition mode, you will become the person you have ever waited to become.

Self-mastery is the highest skill you can ever achieve. And it is the best way to fight life's adversities. you can only change yourself or how you approach things. Refining your brand will require you to be more selective and detailed in your approach and process.

The moment you have the audacity to start believing in the yet-to-be seen ,your reality will begin to shift . We have to change our thinking about our personal brand first .and the evidence of what we can become will start appearing as a stepping stone .

Our biggest mistake is that we do it the way everyone else has been doing it. Refuse to give value to the evidence that the mind brings to your subconscious to force a different belief system.

Evidence like ...

  • You fear the crowd, your mind will say you are a loser, you can’t speak, you can’t talk in front of people, and it will gossip to your subconscious to not accommodate that belief, to kill that dream or procrastinate it.

  • Remember you have failed two marriages, you can’t hold a marriage, marriage is not your thing, so do even dare! Trust me you will never try again but when you believe that you deserve better you will go for it, if you believe that, you deny yourself any other good thing like had for yourself. But if you work on feeding your subconscious with the acts that prove to it what you deserve, when it presents itself, your mind will not resent it.

Affirm your brand every day.

Who I am is not what I tried to be in the past, nor what happened to me in the past, it is not neither what I failed to accomplish before, who I am is what I can be when I play fully out.

To get all the details about our yesterday " Exclusive Cruiz with Executives " a private zoom conversation with clients and prospects to discuss how to refine their brand for the next 6 months click on the link below.


Also, we are registering for Elevate program group coaching ( August cohort ), if interested to join share your details through the second button we will reach out and share more details.

I wish you a wonderful week ahead,

and more conversions. Until next time, Keep the Poise,

with warm wishes,

Coach Alice.

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