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Carolyne Njagi

Testimonial - Carolyne Njagi

"I met Alice in December 2021 when I enrolled in her fine dining etiquette class. I learnt how to set my table and food presentation. There after I enrolled for the one year coaching. It’s been a great ride. I have learnt to be more intentional with the way I present myself. Overall, I am more confident. I know my body type, what clothes work with my body and how to put outfits together. I’ve also learnt that less is more and what is most important is intentionality and consistency. I would recommend Alice to any woman who is teachable and is looking to leave her comfort zone and level up"

Testimonial - Amondi


"This program has totally boosted my confidence both within and on the outside. I am more confident in myself and my abilities as I have embraced the things I cannot change about myself and still making an effort to improve the things I have control over. Not a week goes by without someone telling me how smart I am. I am confident in my dressing and people treat me way better than before with a lot respect. Currently people want to do things for me, which is a good thing because I am more open to receiving help. I would highly recommend this program for women in all age brackets as it is something that changes you as a whole and encourages you to become the best version of yourself."

Testimonial - Mrs. R

Mrs R'.

"'ENLIGHTENMENT' would be the word I choose to describe your courses and coaching.

And to help visualize it, I would pick a "BUTTERFLY'S LIFE CYCLE"

See, the transformation from a young girl into a woman, a mother, a wife, a homemaker, a daughter in law, an executive, -all in one-, takes a lot of wisdom.  Unfortunately, the modern african woman elite -in most of the cases- was not exposed to enough social and emotional knowledge and she finds herself on many occasions lost and overwhelmed. 

I may still be a "caterpillar" but thanks to your teachings about ETIQUETTE, MANNERS, POSTURE, ELEGANCE, etc. I have a CLEAR VISION of the "Butterfly"

  I am becoming .

And that confidence alone, is priceless. 👌"


Dr Evah  Amwayi. 

I have done Elevate program with Coach Alice, t’s been so amazing, the content, the delivery, the support and the connection has been everything I needed and wanted. Im so glad I invested in me , it been well worth it, it delivered beyond my expectations .

Dr Evah N. 

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