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Bank these tips to help you collect Boardroom fragrance...

How to Choose the Right Fragrance or Cologne for Your boardroom days

might be neck-wrecking, but here are some tips to help you collect and select boardroom fragrances you’ll love for years.

After all, you want to wear something that will make you smell good and boost your confidence while considering the increasing sensitivities about encroaching on colleagues’ personal space.

When you are about to spend your day in a boardroom, consider wearing a fragrance with such performance traits:

  1. Frangrance with high longevity: How long it last on your body without replying.

  2. A fragrance with a handful sillage: How far can your fragrance be felt from, preferably a hand reach or an up-close sillage is better so that you avoid overpowering everyone else in the room.

3. If you are heading the meeting or are a vital speaker of the day, choose a commanding fragrance with oud or jasmine notes. Do not spray directly to your preferred pulse points when applying such scents. Instead, spray a mist before you, then walk through so your clothes will capture mild molecules of the fragrances.

4. if you are attending a meeting with no particular role, wear something long-lasting but mild with an up-close sillage-less intimidating

Most fragrances with lily or citrus notes are what I recommend most.

Building your boardroom collection is essential for your feminine presence.

As you collect fragrances, have in mind where you can wear this.

How is it performing on my skin?

What is the after smell?

Does it need reapplication?

Do I have a small fragrance dispenser to carry in my pass?

And I hope you know what to do before doing any fragrance reapplication.

If not, catch me live on Instagram tomorrow, where I will take you through different tips for selecting your Executive fragrances and

I shared, last year, a fragrance repertoire. If you missed it, you could request my DM on Instagram; it has tips on how to sample and taste fragrance performance, build your note collection, and fragrance suggestions for day and night wears.

Having a signature note to follow while collecting your Executive fragrances is vital as you build a personal brand, if this is something that you are looking forward to working on, check what my coaching and training offer so that I help you curate your executive style, improve your image, presence and other softs powers to help you become more convincing and converting in your industry.

This is a range of my coaching :

Elevate program: A C-suite personalized program to help you improve your presence, image, etiquette and emotional intelligence to become assertively poised, convincing and converting. Available in-person and virtually.

Shifted Me: A private coaching program for Female Executives to help them carry femininity in their professional and personal relationships, work on their mindset, high masculine expression, and feminine wounds and incorporate softness in their behaviours.

I also offer private classes on Fine dining etiquette for executives and families available upon request.

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Have a blissful week

With best regards,

Coach Alice,

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