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"Simplifying steps: Exploring Possibilities of excelling in Our personal and professional goals First 2024 Beyond Resolution Workshop."


On February 3, 2024, we hosted an exclusive workshop for executives and businesswomen to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Our aim was to empower them with the tools and strategies needed to gain clarity in their lives and achieve their desired outcomes. During the workshop, we thoroughly evaluated the participants' performance in 2023 in personal care, professional performance, and social obligations.

We found that while many excelled in their professional duties and social obligations, they neglected their personal care.

This is a common challenge many executives and businesswomen face, often leading to burnout and compromised performance. We created ideal scenarios to help them overcome these obstacles and achieve their goals and identified the reasons for their disproportionate focus.

The workshop was designed to be interactive and practical, comprising three sessions aimed at helping participants identify their eight most desired goals for the year, breaking them into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, and scheduling them throughout the year to stay focused.

Our approach was holistic, allowing participants to network and identify potential clients and partners, discuss their challenges, and facilitate interactions.

We also shared a meal and gave them tasks to complete within a week to ensure they fully implemented their learning.

Our workshop was designed to be a transformational experience, and we are confident that it will help participants achieve their desired outcomes and enhance their overall well-being.

Beyond resolution 2024,January.


We want to thank our partners in service delivery

- Dusit Hotel for hosting us and delivering good service,

 Arthome for their branding, event organization management, and service,

 Creative: for documenting the event and printing our workbook and signage. We appreciate all participants and look forward to better results.

Looking forward to helping you equip your team, your employees and your friends with business etiquette, presence, and other soft skills, you can always reach out to us here

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