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Executive Headshot Etiquette &Tips

This month I have been giving tips on "Executive Poise " through my newsletter, and many have requested tips for a female Executive headshot.

As promised, these are what I consider very important to make your timeless professional headshot :

1. Professional Attire: Wear professional, well-fitted attire such as a tailored suit, blouse, or dress that reflects your style while maintaining a polished look. Your attire should not be too dale or revealing, or too close to your face, show your neckline, or if your religion doesn't allow you to show your neck, wear a nude top.

Avoid loud patterns or distracting accessories that may take away from your presence.

2. Grooming: Ensure impeccable grooming by styling your hair neatly and using minimal, natural-looking makeup. Keep jewellery and accessories minimal to maintain a sophisticated and professional appearance.

3. Body Language: Maintain a confident posture and a relaxed yet poised demeanour during the photoshoot. Practice subtle but genuine expressions that convey approachability and confidence.

4. Background and Lighting: Choose a simple, professional background and ensure proper lighting to highlight your features and convey a sense of warmth and approachability in the headshot.

5. Authenticity: Let your personality shine through while maintaining professionalism.

Your headshot should capture your authentic self, so aim for a genuine and approachable expression that reflects your leadership qualities.

Following these style tips and etiquette will help create a successful executive headshot that aligns with the professionalism and authenticity expected of a female executive.

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Coach Alice | Executive coach

Thank you for reading and I hope this will help you plan accordingly your upcoming headshot with less hardzard!

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Alice Muhirwa h.

Etiquette & image consultant

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