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How I reinvented myself from shy and awkward to confident and assertive..

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Having grown up shy ,timid and cropped with self -doubt ,I never imagined myself ever could be a coach, and do the “peopling “ things ! My early school teachers ,and university lectors can tell you how I was a brilliant student but very fearful!

I was good with papers not with people, I would do the group work but don't call me to present !

I swagged in the face of peer pressure, bullying, feeling small, pleasing my superiors at work,I never believed for a long time that I belong to the “High table” .It wasn’t my portion of belief until I realized that the road to confidence is never linear .

I decided to take these steps :

  1. Took a mentor .

  2. Enrolled to accelerator programs to help me deal with self-esteem, confidence, expression, image ,etiquette from 2018-2021.

  3. Took a mentor

  4. Redefined my image.

  5. Took progressive actions toward building a strong mindset .

  6. Adjusted my expression ( both verbal & non verbal )

  • 2021 I did “ Style coaching course'', ``Polished professional'' , and in 2022 I went back for the Train the trainers program, an accreditation program with the British school of Excellence.

  • Refined my image & expression

  • 2021 Did Emotional intelligence program , to help me manage emotions and improve my expression skills

  • Took progressive actions toward building confidence.

took affirmative actions to help my mindset expand and get ready for higher jumps, activities such as bathing in cold water ,long solo walks ,and staying alone for long hours to internalize positive thinking. I used to fear solo time so much .

  • I Learned how to dominate fear . By establishing mental strength to communicate in awkward situations positively .

  • Adjusted my body language expression :

Fear use to surface my expression times to times, I learnt how to camouflage and create points of exit while speaking ,and all these techniques I teach them through ELEVATE PROGRAM

When I designed the “elevate program “ I had in mind a niche of similar struggles. Executives like what I was : Executives who long to confidently communicate assertively ,and finally be seen ,heard and recognized, Executives who are smart in practice, but fear interactive roles, Executives and business owners who believe that they are introverts .

Through this 4 weeks program you learn how to :

Build Your Confidence, Create Stronger Relationships, Manage Your Emotions, Establish Your Presence And Communicate Assertively.

Today I launched a questionnaire on my instagram and asked my followers things they would like leave in 2022, and 80% said fear, people pleasing, feeling small ,procrastination, not prepare for higher jumps , self- pitting ,and I would like to know if you share the same sentiments and what you envisage to do to become a better version of yourself ,even if you want to remain an introvert, but become an high achiever introvert .

Let me know what you want to achieve in 2023, and also have a look on what we do that can help you improve your Presence | Image | Expression .


Join our 2 hours zoom party

to help you design your feminine goals ,set your goals reminder into your calendar ,having sequence trackable template. an editable workbook ,a video tutorial .You can purchase the bundle here

and get an email to join our "live zoom party on 30th December 2022.

You can also join ELEVATE PROGRAM January Cohort . so that you gain the confidence, clarity on how to build and scale your Executive personal brand .

you can join by 10% discount if you do full purchase , or negotiate a payment plan by contact us here

Happy new year,

Have redefining plans

This time round do not sleep on them !


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