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10 essential points to remember while hosting an afternoon tea event

If well-planned, hosting an afternoon tea event can be a delightful and memorable experience. Here are ten essential points to remember while planning to host an afternoon tea.

1) Invitations and RSVPs: Send out invitations well in advance, specifying the date, time, and location of the tea event. Request RSVPs to ensure an accurate headcount; you can design an online RSVP where guests will confirm immediately after reading it.

2) Venue and Ambiance: Choose a suitable venue with ample seating and a cosy atmosphere. Decorate the space with floral arrangements and elegant table settings to create a charming ambience.

3)Menu Selection: Curate a diverse menu with various teas, including black, green, herbal, and speciality blends. Offer a selection of sweet and savoury treats like scones, finger sandwiches, pastries, and cakes.

Coach Alice's Exclusive afternoon tea event _June 2023

4) Allergies and Dietary Restrictions: Inquire about your guests' allergies or dietary restrictions beforehand to accommodate their needs and ensure everyone can enjoy the offerings.

5) Dress Code: Specify the dress code in the invitations, whether it's casual chic or a more formal tea attire, to set the tone for the event.

6)Tea Etiquette: Provide a brief overview of tea etiquette to your guests, including how to properly hold a teacup, stir tea, and place the napkin.

7. Entertainment: Plan for light entertainment, such as soft background music or a short game related to tea trivia, to keep the atmosphere lively.

8. Photography: Capture the moments during the event . Ensure your guests are comfortable with photography and consider asking for their permission before taking pictures.

9. Thank-You Tokens(optional ) : Offer small thank-you tokens, like personalized tea bags or tea-related gifts, as a gesture of appreciation to your guests for attending.

10 .After-Event Follow-Up: Send a thank-you note to your guests after the event, expressing your gratitude for their presence and highlighting some of the highlights of the afternoon tea.

By keeping these essential points in mind, you can create a delightful and memorable afternoon tea event that will leave your guests with joy and warmth, making it a perfect event to remember.

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My name is Coach Alice, an accredited image and etiquette consultant based in Nairobi-Kenya,

I help Executives and ambitious business people to refine their interpersonal skills.

I run both private and group classes.

I also host private executive lunches, afternoon tea, and feminine retraits.

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Let me know if my tips helped, or get in touch so I can help you plan an afternoon party.

with warm wishes,

Coach Alice.

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