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In need of some brunch ideas? Look no further! I will share how I did a mini brunch for me and the kids,and some of our favourite Easter traditions, easy platters and charming ideas for hosting a fabulous brunch!

What’s your favourite holiday of the year?

Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays to celebrate, probably because I loved spring candy and the beautiful Easter baskets my mom used to make for us. My mother's influence, charisma and detail in terms of easter decor, is the reason I decided to carry forward the tradition in my family to create good memories around Easter and other festivities.

I get so much joy creating these memories for and with my family. Seeing the smiles on their faces and sheer enjoyment fills my soul beyond measure.

Be encouraged that brunch should not be a scary affair because below, I have shared a guide for creating your own brunch and wonderful memories for your family and friends.

  1. Table setting (Scaping)

let there be harmony of colour and texture
Table setting

Creating a beautiful table setting is an important part of hosting an Easter brunch. You can set the entire mood and ambience of your brunch with the selections of colours, flowers, containers, and other elements used in the centrepiece. You can dress your table using what you have and however, you like by using items like white dishes, and silver and gold flatware. You can also add a table runner, spring flowers and candles down the centre

.For my table, I used 3 colourful floral centrepieces and 3 candles.

When it comes to centrepieces you can use anything you want. Flowers, candles and vases are all excellent items to use as centrepieces for your table decor. When using these, try to stick to odd numbers as they are more pleasing to the eye and help create a sense of balance. You can also add glasses (Wine glasses, water glasses, tea cups, cutlery and napkins)There is always something magical about napkins!

2. Choose what you are serving

A typical brunch menu has a mix of great breakfast and lunch treats as well as refreshing drinks.. Here are a few sample suggestions of 4 types of sweet treats, sour treats, crudites and charcuteries that you can serve:

Sweet treats: These include different types of fruits. I usually opt to go with seasonal fruits in high quantities, then add some pop of color like kiwi, grapefruit,white or red dragon fruits etc. We used red dragon, kiwi, green and black grapes, red velvet cake, and strawberries.

Sour treats: I soaked avocado with vinaigrette sauce. I also used green olives,salted boiled eggs, gouda cheese, la vache qui rit and stuffed cucumbers with tuna.

You can add an assorted charcuterie and cheese platters if you intend to have many people.

Drinks: These can include but are not limited to juices, different types of tea (hot and ice tea), non-alcoholic champagne and alcoholic champagne.I suggest sweet champagne as a good option to use. Do not serve Brut champagne with brunch, Brut champagne is meant to be popped and served alone or with meaty treats.

We also added hot cross buns. You can add any easter traditional bread of your choice, sour dough, or 6 grain bread.

Other tips 👍

If you want to make your champagne fancier, serve it with orange juice ice cubes, you can also add fruits like blueberries and strawberries slices or small mint, thyme or oregano leaves .It adds a pop of colour this is how the whole setting came out, just for me and the kids!.

Right now we are preparing for Spring! what we did for the Spring dining table.

If you find table scaping difficult or desire to invest in learning the intricate details of Fine Dining and the art of Hosting, reach out to me so that I can coach you on the same. I offer private and group classes,you can send me a direct message here.

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