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Cocktail garnish- to eat or to leave??

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

" Are we supposed to eat the Cocktail garnish or leave it on the glass ?" Asked Winnie, in our latest First lady effect class.

I think it is a good question to share with my community here, so that you know the best practice while having a cocktail ( Both alcoholic & non -alcoholic).

A cocktail garnish is an ornamental item that adds appeal to a cocktail. In the case of fruit wedges, slices, or twists, the garnish imbues a bit of juice or citrus oil to the drink. Likewise, olive or onion in a Martini or Gibson lends a whisper of savory flavor to those drinks. And of course, there are the bright red (or green) cherries common to drinks such as the Manhattan. Other common edible garnishes include gratings of nutmeg or cinnamon, sprigs of mint or other herbs, and pickled items (often added to cocktails).

Not all garnishes, of course, are food items. Umbrellas, plastic animals, fancy straws, and plastic swords are among the incredible inedibles that serve as garnishes.

We all have to understand and accept the fact that garnish in cocktails is not for snacking or to satisfy our appetite. It is the drink that we are supposed to consume for enjoyment and not the garnish!

Garnishes you do not need to eat :

1) The herby garnishes such as mint, thyme, or basil are added to give you an aromatic experience while you are sipping the cocktail and are not to be eaten.

When it comes to iced tea or a soft drink adorned with a citrus slice, do not eat it. You may take the slice when your drink is fresh and squeeze a bit of the juice into it, then either slide the slice into the drink or set it aside. Keep in mind that food safety is important and some people prefer not to put the rind into their glass if they are unsure if the rind has been washed or not. You may also politely decline the decoration at a restaurant simply by saying, “Water, no lemon, please.”

This is more of your personal decision to not eat the garnish because you don't trust if it is clean or not.

2) When your glass has sugar or salt garnish, sip from one side or request a straw if it was served in a mini glass. do not lick the garnish! it gives an erotic impression.

3) Refrain From Chewing Ice

After you finish your mixed drink, you might feel tempted to munch on those extra ice cubes.

Try your best to refrain from this habit when you’re out.

The proper etiquette :

It is considered proper etiquette to eat the food items that often decorate a mixed drink, such as an olive or a cherry from a cocktail. If you do, just be sure you have sipped enough of the cocktail to not wet your fingers when you pull the item out (you don’t want to appear to be “fishing” for it).

If it is on a toothpick, it is appropriate to eat it at any point as you enjoy your drink, since the bartender has likely chosen that item to complement the flavors of the drink.

When it is a piece of cut fruit, like pineapple, orange, or lemon with a peel do not squeeze it in the drink or suck it, you can choose to eat the fruit part and put the peel in a disposable serviette, and put it on the side plate not on the coaster nor the table.

Stay Classy While Drinking

While you don’t have to follow all of these social drinking rules, they’re good to know. Just keep in mind that there are still cases where you’ll want to strictly follow all of these drinking manners. avoid straw noise as well, to avoid that do not finish all the drink in the glass it will make noise!

An office party or a dinner with your boss are examples of outings that require proper drinking manners. Let me know what you use to do that was a bite odd!


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Be blessed,

Coach Alice

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